Kickstarter: Atari ST - RISE OF THE DEMOSCENE

Kickstarter: Atari ST - RISE OF THE DEMOSCENE

A new kickstarter dedicated to the world of the Atari ST demo scene, here is a brief description from the creator of this book.


"The Atari ST and the creative people is a new Anthology hardback book series coming up next on Kickstarter. "Rise of the Demoscene" marks the start of a trilogy about the artistic site of the Atari ST. Over 200 full-colored pages are showing the transformation of the early core of the scene to professional game development with Thalion. The Art and tools of legendary Democrews like The Carebears, The Exceptions or The Lost Boys will be shown up for the first time in high quality offset printing. A huge part is devoted to the Game classics like Enchanted Lands, Chambers of Shaolin, Wings of Death and Dragonflight which have been developed with Demoscene spirit in mind. Makers like Richard Karsmakers, Erik Simon, Tim and David Moss, Niklas Malmqvist, Stefan Kimmlingen, Anders Ceronius, Michael Schüssler, Celal Kandemiroglu, Michael Grohe and Jochen Hippel shed light on the high and lows in content production of the 80's."



To see more on this Kickstarter and pledge please visit HERE

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