New Kickstarter: The Atari ST and the Creative People.

The Atari ST and the Creative People.

From 1986 till 1994: the anthology concentrates on two volumes containing over 550 pages packed with pixel drama. A third volume might also be possible but is not mandatory.

Interwoven with the rise and fall of the demoscene, Thalion and Atari, this book series is just fun to read and to look at. 

Volume 1 kicks off with the roots of demo creation and follows the transformation of bedroom coders to professionals. The Atari ST is in the center of the interest here, followed by the marketing of the STE. After the successful startup of Thalion the young sceners are confronted with the hard deadline business.

Volume 2 covers the "Golden Years", as well as the doom of a digital era (1991-1994). Atari tries to rescue its market share with the Atari Falcon and Thalion fight a bitter battle against their origin. It is the most dramatic and content-heaviest book – containing over 350 pages of glorious demos, behind-the-scene stories and pixel-art.

Volume 3 (?) is still a rough draft. It would observe the return of the homebrew scene and take a closer look at creating with Atari's Falcon machine.

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