Mega Visions – Welcome to a new kind of SEGA magazine.

Mega Visions – Welcome to a new kind of SEGA magazine

The Official Dreamcast Magazine, SEGA Visions, Mean Machines Sega ... these are just a few of the classic SEGA magazines from days gone by. It seems so long ago that there was a dedicated SEGA magazine we could call our own, but the time has come for SEGA fans to get their very own magazine once again!


We'd like to introduce you to Mega Visions, which will be a fully digital, bi-monthly publication that will be designed specifically for easy reading on all your devices.

Mega Visions is brought to you primarily by the team at SEGA Nerds. We've been covering SEGA for more than 10 years, and the site remains one of the earliest SEGA news sites still around. But there are also a tremendous amount of industry experience that's gone into creating Mega Visions!

We've partnered with Magazine Cloner, one of the industry's leading digital magazine publishers, to enable us to publish the magazine on nearly every device and platform imaginable, including the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, smartphones, Kindle Fire, Windows, PC and Mac.

Powered by Mag Cloner's publishing software, Mega Visions will deliver a truly interactive and rich multimedia reading experience:

  • The magazine will launch its first issue later this year and each issue will be delivered via our custom app on the iOS, Android and Kindle app stores. 
  • Our focus will be a balance of current news and reviews of games from SEGA and Atlus but also a very strong representation of retro SEGA content.
  • It won't simply be a scanned PDF of a physical magazine like you see so many other publications offer, but it will deliver a true multimedia experience that no other SEGA magazine has done before.

For more Info and to pledge please visit HERE.

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