AM2R - Return of Samus (Metroid 2 remake)

Metroid II: The Return Of Samus was released in 1991 for the Game Boy. Project AM2R, some six years in the making, takes that Game Boy game and makes it look, sound and play so much prettier. The fan project got its first full release on Saturday, to coincide with the series’ 30th. However, it wasn't long before the big N stepped in with DMCA injunction to have the website removed and the game was taken down as twittered by the game's developer here.


Now with the site down, they've resorted to a possible short-term haven over on their facebook page, which I suspect will be met with the same distaste of Nintendo's lawyer team, with fans uproar over this, it was to be expected that Nintendo would have the pop noodle horn over this and released the hounds, the game mine is something very special, being a pet project for the last 6 years putting this together only to be removed is a total travesty in my opinion, I'm all for companies protecting their IP's, but when no profit is being made from this, where's the harm? no really where's the harm? again Nintendo used their might and only make themselves looks the kids throwing his toys out of his pram. Shame on Nintendo, first the NES Compendium from Bitmap Books and now this?

As you can see it's very faithful to the original and looks very similar to Nintendo's own Super Metroid released on the Super Nintendo back in 1994, although the game has been removed from its main site, fellow supporters have gone on to defy Nintendo's DMCA claims and posted which I suspect will be removed very soon, a download link to the game with you can get the game here : now remember this game is completely free and deserves to be out there for all the amazing work the team did while remaking it. for more news on this project you can, of course, head over to their Facebook page also check out the gameplay video of this wonderful remake.



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