8-Bit Book. (Coming Soon)

The world of Retro Gaming Books is a crowded place these days, I for one love reading these books and here we have news of an up coming book covering gaming art from the 8-bit era, this is from the same people behind the recently reviewed Push Start: The Art of Video Games. (Click to read)


Pac-Man, Mario Bros, Zelda, Mega Man – the early icons of the video game universe have burned their way into our collective memory and deservedly earned a prominent place in popular culture. Today, creative minds can run wild in abstract pixel worlds which present them with a new playground for their artistry. This art book pays homage to the visual quality of digital artworks in a large scale gallery of brilliant colour, featuring a rich variety of sprites, screenshots and much, much more from a host of classic games. Complemented by fascinating anecdotes and background on aesthetics, technology and critical reception, the book celebrates the virtuosity of designers who have created such an outstanding legacy. Enjoy a compelling insight into how pixels learned to walk, run and jump.


Stephan Guenzel
Size: 28 x 28 cm · Hardcover
240 Pages · 200 Photos
Text: English / German
Limited Edition incl. Sprite-Poster
Price: £ 29.99

Watch out for our full review soon.

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