AmiGameJam 2016 Starts.

AmiGameJam 2016 Starts.

If you fancy putting your Amiga programming skills and creativity to the test, then you might want to rustle up something for this year’s AmiGameJam.

Previously known as The Annual Festival Amiga Game Making Competition, it’s a popular annual game jam contest that provides “creative developers a chance to sharpen and prove their skills and giving the community some top-notch games to enjoy”.

This year’s theme is “TV shows and movies”. The rules are simple, you have three months (starting from last Friday) to produce a new Amiga game, either on your own or with some mates, that fits the chosen theme. Ideally, it should be a show or film not already covered on the Amiga. However, if you’re not inspired by that, festive or Christmas-themed games will also be accepted.

As previously, there are two main entrance categories: Classic OCS/AGA Amigas and Next-Gen Amigas (Aros, MorphOS and OS4). The use of creation software such as SEUCK or Backbone is permitted.

Entries should be submitted by the 31st of December 2016 at the latest. Online voting for the winner will begin in January, though the organisers are also hoping to get some celebrity judges on board. The prizes have yet to be confirmed.

Time to get coding Amiga geeks! For updates and more information, check out the AmiGameJam page over on here.


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