The Amiga Years Special Edition now available

The Amiga Years Special Edition now available

Amiga nostalgia addicts: it’s time to rejoice, crack open some beers and munchies and settle down in a very comfy chair, because they Special Edition of The Amiga Years is now available.

Just to recap, From Bedroom to Billions: The Amiga Years, released earlier in the year, is Anthony and Nicola Caulfield’s (aka Gracious Films) stand-alone follow up to the documentary From Bedroom to Billions. Whereas the first film told the story of the birth and evolution of the UK games industry, The Amiga Years explores the development and impact of the Commodore Amiga and the huge influence it had on the computer industry and a generation of games developers. Both are extremely well made, highly entertaining and informative movies. If you haven’t already checked them out yet, I strongly suggest you do so.

The standard edition of The Amiga Years included the 2.5 hour documentary plus around 30 minutes of extras. In addition to these features, which have now also been slightly remastered, The Special Edition includes a whooping 3.5 hours of all new extras, including:

  • Creating ‘Another World’ – Eric Chahi
  • Founding Electronic Arts – Trip Hawkins
  • Creating ‘Flashback’ – Paul Cuisset
  • Atari Vs Activision – Larry Kaplan
  • Ron Gilbert – Insights into game design and working at Lucasfilm
  • The Business of Amiga – The continuing story of Commodore and the Amiga line
  • Creating the ‘Desert Dream’ demo – Anders Hansen
  • Chris Huelsbeck – Creating music on the Amiga
  • Dan Malone – Designing ‘Speedball II’
  • Stoo Cambridge – Designing ‘Cannon Fodder’
  • Demo Scene Sequence Expanded - Various contributors.
  • Founding DICE
  • First Samurai – Design insights with Mev Dinc
  • Team 17 – (Alien Breed, Super Frog), Andreas Tadic, Rico Holmes, Martyn Brown & Allister Brimble.
  • Magnetic Fields – Shaun Southern & Andrew Morris insights, including Lotus and Super Cars series

The DVD and Blu-ray copies of the film have still yet to ship, but anyone who has purchased either the physical or digital version of The Special Edition now has immediate online access to all this marvellous new content, which can be downloaded via Dropbox or streamed and/or downloaded through Vimeo. Jolly good stuff!

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