Rayman By Rémi - The Collector Soundtrack Album.

Rayman By Rémi - The Collector Soundtrack Album.

Fans of Rayman rejoice and support this new Kickstarter for the proposed Rayman Collector Soundtrack Album.

Below is 12 tracks that will be recorded with a modern touch.

Pink Plant Woods - Dream forest
Blazing Brass - Mr Sax
Eat at Joe’s - Lurking in the Darkness
Entering the Cavern - Crystal Palace
Moskito - Hold on tight
Mr Skops - Never wake a sleeping scorpion
Candy Chateau - Creepy Clowns
The Magician Challenge - The Wizard
Cloak of Darkness - Mr Dark
Once More - Continue / Replay Theme
Partie at Joe’s - Credits Theme
End of the Line - Game Over Theme
This new album will of course be available as a digital and CD album but our wish is also to produce a very fancy vinyl collector album !

It will be produced with Black Screen Records, a music label dedicated to collector video game soundtracks. It will be made in one of the best European vinyl factory and will include two audiophile coloured 180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve with a special matt varnish, 4c label print for both discs, poly-lined inner sleeves for best protection of the vinyl records and a special vinyl mastering.

To pledge and support please go HERE.


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