ENEMY 2 Collectors Edition out now!

ENEMY 2 Collectors Edition out now!

The Collectors Edition of ENEMY 2: Missing in Action is ready and now available!

15.00 EUR + Shipping

Contents of the Collectors Edition

- Telescope box with Cover-Art from Ogan Kandemiroglu
- multilingual manual with poster in middle
- ENEMY 2 on two floppy disks
- Update to version 1.28

Both the manual and the game are in German and in English. When the game is started for the first time the desired language is installed (note: the floppy disks will be modified).

ENEMY 2 requires 1 MB of RAM. If necessary the CPU caches and the AGA chipset must be deactivated. WinUAE users will find a compatible configuration file on our website.


The Collectors Edition for a donation of 15.00 EUR + shipping costs. Shipping costs 1.70 EUR (Germany) and 4.10 EUR (worldwide). If you take two copies you have to pay for shipping only once! The telescope box is sent unfolded to avoid transport damage and to keep the shipping costs low. Instructions for folding the box are available on our homepage.

Please use the order form on their homepage.

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