New version of WinUAE out

New version of WinUAE out

Looks like the Amiga’s best and most fully-featured emulator just got a few a more bells and whistles. Out just in time for Christmas and following a prolonged beta period, version 3.4.0 of WinUAE expands hardware support even further.

Hardcore enthusiasts will be pleased to know that it’s now possible to emulate additional graphics cards, accelerator boards, hard drive controllers and network adapters, as well as the American Laser Games arcade hardware.

There’s also been some tinkering under the bonnet, bringing new features, such as improvements to RAM handling, board combinations and display support, and a range of bug fixes and performance enhancements, some of which resolve issues with specific games. And to top it off, the WinUAE website has been given a makeover and now has fresh, clean and modern look.

See here for a full list of changes.


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