Commodore: The Inside Story.

Commodore: The Inside Story.

With no more than a day or so left the Commodore: The Inside Story kickstarter campaign has smashed its target of £25k, you can still pledge your support by following this link HERE.


Here is a brief description about the book as taken from the campaign page.

The book will contain many, many stories (I assure you everything I tell you is true) - in fact I am requesting several other former Commodore employees to write their versions of what happened - so you do not get only my perspective - in this way you can be sure everything in the book is "the real deal".

Littered throughout my story will be lots of funny tales, that should make you laugh and also many very sad tales that will upset you and certainly many stories that will make you (as fans of the products) very angry. Oh what might have been!

I also assure you that there will be some people who will end up very red faced over the revelations that come out in my book. The fact of the matter is I do not care in the least about upsetting anybody. It is time ladies and gentlemen that THE TRUTH COMES OUT.


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