Well 'Ard


Well 'Ard

Back in 1994 Cybernation Software released a little-known homebrew gem called Well ‘Ard which is a nifty platformer with nice graphics and a familiar title tune of pure awesomeness to rock your socks off!

You play the part of a rather fiercely looking dude who strangely doesn’t carry a weapon but instead he uses his cute red booties to kill the various baddies. How? By jumping up and down on their heads until they are dead of course! Which is probably where the thuggish “well hard” mentality comes in? Who knows, but I do know that this is a nice change from shooting a gun and it works very well.

Controls are accurate and responsive which compliment the smooth scrolling gameplay perfectly. Playability is spot on and its lots of fun stomping on anything that moves, however I thought the levels could have been a little longer as progress can often feel rather brisk.

Overall, I’m positive Well ‘Ard won't win any originality awards but its well designed, bucket loads of amusement and plays superbly. A highly recommended platformer and one which I really enjoyed playing!

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