Jet Set Willy


Jet Set Willy

Who hasn't played with little Miner Willy in one form or another over the decades? Surely the most respected series of platformers ever to grace our screens and the ZX Spectrum obviously has claim to be the original and best. 

Well, here is the Atari ST's attempt at Jet Set Willy which is actually a replica that beautifully mimics the gameplay of the original. There are no bloatware "improvements" because this is as authentic as it gets to guarantee the same level of entertainment you experienced in 1984. In every respect it looks, sounds and plays just like that old rubbery 8-bit computer. In fact, this is probably the reason it was completed but never published, the world had moved on by 1989 and (sadly) expected "better". I'm not against any cometic improvements to older games, but they can often fail big time. In fact, I feel Software Projects did us proud here because they have succeeded in capturing the playability of the Speccy classic perfectly.

AtariMania have a download and an interesting read.

Overall, I would have scored Jet Set Willy the perfect 10 it deserves, but I couldn't get the WRITETYPER cheat to work! Take your time and savour those spare lives while you help Willy clean up his mansion. He's very tired and hasn't realised that he can simply sack Maria and get in bed, so give him a helping hand in this fantaSTic release. Top marks!


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