Overscan Invaders


Overscan Invaders

Space Invaders, a two dimensional alien attack which sees their mothership frequently flyby to check on her troops as you blast them all to smithereens with a cannon that can only reload once the previous shot has hit its target or disappeared off-screen. Hmm, it sounds rather lame but actually it works and it works very well of course!

Overscan Invaders was released in 1994 by Janet Dean under the Budgie licenceware label. As the name suggests this is obviously Space Invaders running in overscan, a feature not normally exploited by the gaming scene and there are also a number of other improvements to stop this from being a predictable carbon copy clone. Along with overscan (for a far larger play area) we also have dandy graphics with double the usual number of on-screen colours, I also really appreciate the retro sound effects and the title screen is humorous with pretty cool music.

Its superb to see a game pushing the hardware with cool technical wizardry but its the gameplay which always matters. Even with all the bells and whistles, it still has an authentic feel and is bucket loads of addictive old skool fun. Overscan Invaders is one of the better clones I have played and I’m sure all Space Invader fans will love it!


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