Xenon II

I won't waste your time with a pointless review of a game everyone has already played to death but do bear with me because this is actually for the Atari STe. Please, read on...

Xenon 2 is one of my favourite games. I feel it has all the playability needed to make it into my personal Top 10 and it's also one of the most technically impressive games of its generation. But nothing is perfect and the in-game music is chip-based, which is great but lacks that required thump of power compared to that raving intro tune.

So lets upgrade the game to do exactly what we desire. Crank up the volume because we're about to begin playing Xenon II using the enhanced hardware hiding within the Atari STe and this is thanks to a familiar name in the Fuji world, Peter Petera. He has written an audio patch to replace the chiptune music with streamed 25KHz stereo. This obviously transforms Xenon 2 into the 21st century and hearing the crystal clear audio, without any performance hit, is a truly outstanding achievement.

Additionally, the music can be changed to something else from your own library by following the simple advice found within the download. Bomb The Bass certainly suits the game-style but I decided on something a little heavier, thanks to the Metallica boys!

Of course this upgrade takes us far beyond what a floppy disk can store so you will need an Atari STe with at least 1MB Ram at 30+MB hard drive space (I recommend an Ultrasatan). Download from here :

Xenon II Megablast will always be a brilliant game and this patched version for the Atari STe regenerates the excitement all over again. If you have the hardware then you can experience one of the best shumps in all its glory. Waste no more time reading this and download the MEGA Megablast right now!


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