Microids had a silly idea about what the future holds for sporting events and this obviously involves a dollop of ice hockey played through an isometric marble madness environment.

Gameplay is a fast paced one-on-one battle between balls fighting over a smaller ball to shoot in goal. Hardly an innovative idea, yet I must admit that I often found myself whizzing about like a crazy fool.

The play area is very large and you are given a map like view at the start along with an automated tour providing a closer look. Each play field appears to have been designed for maximum confusion, frustrating landscape features like forced-directional arrow pads and lots of hills that effect your speed and control. Sliders features realistic physics that can effect your momentum and control substantially.

In fact, it’s the controls which take much effort to master so learning how to navigate and shoot is initially very tough. Interestingly, you have the option to alter various physics elements like thrust, friction and the effect of gravity. You can play against the computer or a friend however its almost impossible against the computer unless you lower the difficulty (not much fun) but with friends we had a good giggle!

Graphics are excellent, if a little predictable, and move along at a silky smooth 50fps on the Atari STe.
Please note - I cannot recommend Sliders for FM owners due to the lack of hardware scrolling.

Overall, this was fun for a couple of hours but having such a steep learning curve means lots of time is needed to master all aspects of the gameplay. Sliders is definitely best with a friends, however I fear some gamers might feel like ripping out their hair in frustration! It’s a good game, and it sure is brilliant to see a commercial company supporting the Atari STe, so give Sliders a try because you might like it. For me, I’ll stick to legs and running over sliding so Speedball it is.


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