This is Alien, join Ripley as she hunts for alien eggs that have been spread all through the hallways of the Nostromo while avoiding the adult aliens that hunt you down. Remember, in space, no one can hear you scream. This is the premise of the game Aliens, which is based on the hit 20th Century Fox science fiction thriller that began a franchise that is still alive and kicking. Unfortunately, the game bears more of a resemblance to Pac-Man than it does to anything in the Aliens movie franchise. That doesn’t mean, however, that it is a bad game.


Aliens is a clone of Pac-Man and it actually does a better job than Atari’s own Pac-Man (even the siren sound makes it here). You control a human figure (looks like a guy, so it can’t be Ripley) through the maze the represents the halls of the Nostromo. Dots (yes, dots) represent the eggs that have been laid in the hallways of the ship and you must clear them while avoiding three aliens that are chasing you. Two items help you survive the aliens, a flame thrower and pulsars. The flame thrower appears as a bonus item toward the top middle of the screen. Grab it and you’ll have a four seconds of flames to use against the aliens (makes them run away). The pulsars make the aliens change colour and makes them vulnerable to your touch, making them vanish and reappear in a cage at the bottom of the screen. Clear the halls and you go to a second screen where you must make it to the top to collect a bonus item. You only have eight seconds and you have to avoid the swarms of aliens there. A very good and enjoyable game for the 2600.

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