Alien 8K

Alien 8K is a hack of the original Alien title by 20th Century Fox that adds another 4K to the game which allows for several enhancements that make the game tie better to the movie and also improves the game graphically. The gameplay remains the same. Once more you are in control of a character who is onboard the Nostromo and must run the hallways of the ship to clear all the alien eggs that have been laid in them. Clear all the eggs and survive the aliens to move onto the second screen where you have to move to the top to get a bonus object only able to move vertically while avoiding the hordes of aliens there. So, same game, right? Yes, pretty much but with some really nice changes. Now the ship hallways have a black background, which is usually better for maze games.


The aliens start off as large eggs that chase you in the maze but, as you advance through the game, the aliens then become facehuggers, then chestbusters, followed by adult aliens. Unlike the original game, the aliens on this hack actually bear a resemblance to the adult aliens! You can still find the original alien design running around on the second screen of the game but that is also far improved as you have aliens in all stages appear. The game now has a nice title screen as well. Game sounds have not really been changed but there was no reason to, really. I’m not sure the 2600 could produce the sound made by any of the aliens (whether they are facehuggers, chestbusters, or adult aliens). This hack really takes the game up a notch and is highly recommended.

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