Star Wars: The Arcade Game.

Star Wars: The Arcade Game.

In 1983, Atari released a fantastic vector game to the arcade inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope. The game takes place in the climactic battle to protect Yavin from the Death Star’s super lasers.

This hit game was translated into various home systems and, surprisingly, even the Atari 2600 saw a version! Parker Brothers really pulled all stops to get this game made for the system and they an impressive job of it. As in the arcade, the action starts far from the Death Star where you control your X-Wing fighter to destroy incoming TIE fighters and their fireballs.

If you survive their attack, then you move to the surface of the Death Star where you must shoot targets above the various towers that are firing back at you. Lastly you move into the trench where you must avoid incoming fire and barriers until you reach the exhaust port where you shoot to destroy the Death Star. Despite the 2600's limitations, this game does look very good. The graphics emulate the vector graphics surprisingly well. Your X-Wing fighter’s nose is clearly visible at the bottom of the screen and two of your four laser guns can be seen as well. The crosshairs are used to target your enemies but this can be a bit tricky and takes getting used to. The TIE fighters are nicely drawn and the towers and trench are done remarkably well. None of the excellent in-game music is present but the Star Wars theme does play at the start of the game. While this may be a watered down version of the arcade, it does capture the essence of the game rather well.

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