A View To A Kill


This is a James Bond movie license tie-in. Based on Roger Moore's final outing as 007. Sadly, rather like the film, it's a disappointing event. There 4 different sub-games in this, each taking scenes from the film. These are: a top-down racing type game, an action adventure type game, an “Impossible Mission” type game and finally a platform type game.

Each of these has their own specific problems. For a start, the driving game is incredibly hard to control; the platform type game is quite buggy, for example, it's easy for your character to get stuck in a wall! In fact, none of these sub-games are any fun to play. The graphics are quite blocky and there is poor scrolling. On the sound front, the James Bond theme tune is rendered quite well, but the Duran Duran title song is terrible – it sounds so tinny! Worse is still to come – the game has some speech for the James Bond gun barrel sequence at the beginning of the film (echoing the films) and it is utter rubbish! It sounds like someone is constipated! A sorry excuse of a game for the C64, and also a shame on James Bond's name! 007 wouldn't be pleased.

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