Beamrider has a fairly simple premise. You are in control of a small craft which rides beams set above Earth's atmosphere on an alien “Restrictor Field”. Your ship has an energy weapon, and 3 torpedoes. Movement is restricted to side-to-side.

The enemy craft however, can move vertically and horizontally. Shoot the set number of bad guys for the particular level and a flying saucer appears – take it out with a torpedo. The levels don't have that much variation, it just speeds up. The only power-up available is for extra lives. The graphics are functional rather than anything eye-catching. Nevertheless, they do provide a sensation of fast movement. Sadly, there is no in-game music, but the sound effects are quite atmospheric – the low-level hum emanating from your craft and the explosions are the things that really grab your notice. You need the reflexes of a ninja sometimes, but for a quick arcade type shoot 'em up, this does provide an addictive challenge.

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