Colossus Chess


The classic board game is brought to the C64. All of the rules of Chess are implemented here (castling, en passant, under promotion, fifty moves rule, draw by repetition, draw by insufficient materials). At the time that was quite an technical achievement.

The game has many features, for example you can set it to play with time-control using game clocks. The game can also feature normal mates, self mates and help mates as well (for those of you who like problem solving). One for dedicated Chess fans then? Well, yes I suppose so. The difficulty level is pretty high. The graphics are functional. It is a Chess game after all. Although you can switch it into a quasi-3D mode. It turns things on their head! There are minimal sound effects with this game (which is what you sort of expect). A shame that it never had an option for two players. Still one of the most comprehensive Chess games ever made. Get your opening moves ready.

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