A “Defender” type clone which was developed by Archer MacLean. The action takes place on the Jovian moon of Io. It has come under attack from aliens. You don a spacesuit fitted with a jetpack, laser, three smart bombs and cloaking device.

Let the mayhem begin! You can scroll bi-directionally, either left or right. The object of the game is to pick up your men from the moon's surface and return them safely to their base. Make sure you protect them as well – the aliens have a nasty habit of targeting them. Whilst this is happening, you'll be under attack from the aliens as well! They can also drop deadly “androids” on to the surface. Avoid these at all costs. There is a radar screen on the bottom of the screen to help you navigate your way around the planet. The action is very fast paced, particularly at later levels. The graphics are good, the explosions flash up well on the screen and the scrolling is very fast. The sound effects are good as well (look out for the “Over here!” call from your men). An excellent shoot 'em up for the C64.


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