Druid 2 : Enlightenment


This game is the sequel of an interesting “Gauntlet clone”. You are the druid Hasrinaxx. About 103 years ago, you exiled the evil Acamantor from the world of Belorn. He didn't take too kindly to that and has returned with a vengeance. It's time to take him out again. Battle takes place over 15 different levels.

The levels have distinct types of terrains (e.g. desert, marshland, forest, etc.). Naturally being a druid you know a thing or two about magic. There are 6 attack spells to use, these are : fire, water, lightning, death touch (causes enemy creatures to die upon your touch), death light (a smart bomb) and death land (like death light only stronger in its effect). Certain opponents are more vulnerable to specific types of spells. Choose wisely. There are many other types of spells available as well, including the “elemental spells”. These are similar to the “Golems” in the first game. Basically it gives a creature to control as a handy weapon. It is quite limited in single player (much like in the first game), but with the aid of a second player it comes into its own. There are a choice of : fire, air, water, earth and air elemental spells. In total there are 30 spells for you to use, but you only have space for 8 of them. A juggling act is required here. The graphics are very good, with nice level of detail, the scrolling is smooth, only resorting to flick screen when changing the environment. The sound effects are reasonable and the title music well orchestrated. The game has more features than the original, and it probably did so well on the C64 because the port of Gauntlet was disappointing compared to the arcade version.

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