First Samurai


Appearing late in the C64's life cycle, this game really pushed the old machine to the limits. An arcade platform game with some beat 'em up through in for good measure. It had already had some success on the 16 bits and PC. Taking control of a lone samurai, your task is to find and kill the “Demon King”.

You see, he killed your master! The revenge trail takes place across 10 levels of Japan (some in ancient times and the others in the future). Punch and kick your way through enough enemies, then you'll get your sword. Other throwing type weapons are in the game (knives, axes, etc.), but they are only available for a finite amount of time (i.e. until you use them up!). There are various puzzles along the way, including one to finish each different level. There are also end of level bosses as well. Considering the vast scale of the maps, this is an amazing conversion. The graphics are superb. The sound effects, whilst missing the limited speech and samples of the 16 bits' versions, is still very impressive. The game play is excellent. It does seem to throw more enemies at you than other versions, but it is manageable. Now, grab your sword and prepare to take on the Demon King.

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