Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer


A celebrity endorsed football game for the C64. It is sort of “six-a-side” football here. There are teams from the USA and England included here. The game features a rather unique control system. You can either be the lead striker, goalkeeper or coach.

It can be played with two players, but only on the same team for simultaneous play (with one of you as either the positions mentioned and the computer fulfilling the remaining role). It is then you versus a computer controlled team. To be honest, this is the best way to play the game. It certainly seems more fun and more involving. The controls for the striker do feel a little vague at times. You can “bicycle kick” as well. It does seem like a lot of luck is involved in trying to score. The recommended playing method would be to have one person as the striker and the other as the goalie. The goalie can have a tough job, as it does seem possible to score for the other side of the pitch. Flick screen scrolling doesn't help here. The graphics are okay, but on the blocky side. The sound effects are much better (the whistles and crowd cheers are pretty good). Okay – but only for two players. Anything else and the gameplay mechanics seem to let it down too much.

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