You know what it's like? The world is in black and white, you smoke cigarettes, wear a fedora hat, look like Humphrey Bogart, bad guys are on to you and there is a damsel in distress. It sounds like something from the era of film noir - but it is not, it's a C64 game, so maybe it's film brun (brown to the non French speakers amongst you)?

Anyway, this is a neat little platform type game. You take control of a detective armed with a gun and have to find the dame, who is located somewhere in an abandoned building. There are lots of obstacles in your way : escalators, elevators, trap doors, chutes and ladders. Lookout for the thugs as well, they have shooters. Fortunately, your character can fight back with his fists, but be warned that fisticuffs only has a 50% chance of winning. Alternatively, you can use your gun! There is also the option of ducking to avoid any incoming bullets. The “chutes” can help you out in a tight situation, they can transport you to another part of the building. This is one unforgiving game, the enemies come in thick and fast and you also have to time the elevators and escalators just right. The sprites are quite simplistic. Movement is handled well. The sound effects are underwhelming with only the bullets standing out. A distinct little platformer with some old world influences.

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Author: katzkatz
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