The arcade game from Century Electronics got converted to a lot of home computer formats, including the C64. You take the part of Quasimodo from the famous Victor Hugo novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. You are greeted to the famous tune of 'The Teddy Bears' Picnic” at the start of the game, which makes good use of the SID chip. From then on, the action takes place on top of a castle wall. You have to navigate various obstacles (boulders, falls, swinging ropes, guards with pikes, arrows, etc.) and reach the other side of the screen, on which a bell is placed. Well, I think you know what happens next. It doesn't help that a guard is climbing up the wall to get you as well. The difficulty increases from screen to screen. At the final stage you rescue Esmerelda. It then repeats itself and gets faster. This is well executed conversion. Graphically the game is very similar to the arcade version. The limited sound effects are pretty good – as well as the opening theme tune. There is some platform action fun to be had, but you have to patient with this game – it is very unforgiving. Get a jump a pixel off and you become a pavement pizza. Your timing has to be perfect in this game. If you did like the arcade version, you'll like this. For me however, it is a bit too difficult.

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