Hyper Sports


The sequel to Konami's “Track and Field” makes it way from the arcade to the C64. Much like Track and Field, you have to compete in various sporting events and score the most points. Pass the event (i.e. get yourself inside the qualification measures) and you make your way to the following one.

These events are : swimming (joystick waggling is back – but remember to “breathe” as well), skeet shooting(or clay pigeon shooting to the layman; left or right to shoot), long horse (vault over that horse and land safely), archery, triple jump (hop, skip and jump), weight lifting and finally the pole vault. The game can be played with two players for simultaneous play. The players compete together on the swimming stage and take it in alternate turns for all of the other stages. The game is set on a repeat loop with the qualification measures getting every harder. The graphics seem very good and the scrolling is executed well for the stages that need it (i.e. swimming, long vault and pole vault). The sound is excellent, on the title screen you are greeted to the sound of Vangelis' “Chariots of Fire” (in keeping with the sporting theme), the in-game sound effects are nicely done as well. Games like these (i.e. sports simulations)have a sort of select appeal, maybe it is the joystick waggling? Not a bad game, but some of the stages can get tricky – on later levels nigh on impossible. A pretty good conversion from the arcade (considering it adapted well to the C64's one buttoned joystick), if you liked the arcade game (and Track and Field for that matter) then you'll like this.

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