Jumpin' Jack


A novel “Frogger” clone for the C64. This one features a sort of isometric view effect. If you are familiar with the game, then the usual stuff is here (cars and lorries to avoid, disappearing logs and turtles to ride on, dragonflies to eat for extra points, lady frogs to save for extra points, crocodiles who want to eat you, and it is all about making your journey to the safe point).

The gameplay holds together very nicely. Perhaps the controls sometimes feel a little sluggish. The isometric view can make the game a little tricky at times, but you tend to get used to it. Graphically the games looks very good. The music and sounds effects are top notch as well. For some top tier “Frogger” action then you needn't look any further than this game.

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Author: katzkatz
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