Kikstart II : The Construction Set


Shaun Southern produced this sequel to his original game, and added a construction kit. For those with a long enough memory, it is a sort of rip-off of the old BBC TV series. Taking control of an off-road motorcycle, you must navigate your way around a track filled with obstacles. You can accelerate, brake, hop and wheelie. Some of the obstacles are quite unusual (e.g. telephone boxes to jump over or springing platforms to land on).

There is a certain knack to some obstacles (e.g. ramps have to be taken at high speed in order to achieve the jump properly). Mess up an obstacle and you will come off your bike. This will inflict a time penalty on you. You'll have to wait for a clear section of track for you to restart on. You can either go head-to-head with the computer or have a human opponent. The action takes place over a split-screen. You can either do a race to the finish line or win on aggregate times. The real fun comes from designing your own courses. This is the main selling point of this game and marks it out from its predecessor. Hours of fun are there to be had. The graphics are pretty good, quite a lot of detail in some places. The sound is of a high standard, the theme tune to the TV show plays in the background, as well as some good sound effects (e.g. engine noises, etc.). This is a notable game because it improved on the original, mainly helped by the addition of the construction set and the competitive set-up.

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