Metal Man Reloaded


For me this is quite strange. Not because this is my first review for Retro Video Gamer, but actually reviewing a recently released ZX Spectrum game. Being old enough to have lived the 8-bit era and the popular school yard arguments of which system was the best? Commodore 64 or Spectrum, this brings back a lot of childhood memories. Metal Man Reloaded is a side-scrolling platformer from Monument Microgames. Set in the near future where most of the law enforcement in New York is under the control of the mafia crime is very rampant.

A few decided they did not want this new regime, so they decided to go underground and fight the crime that goes one. Luckily for them there is a cop named Matthew Cranston, better known as Metal Man. When I first loaded up Metal Man Reloaded I was impressed. The quality of the intro alone made this very intriguing and instantly I was hooked and couldn’t wait to start playing. My first impression of gameplay was wow. For a ZX Spectrum game the graphics looked stunning and you could easily mistake this for a title that was released by a company like Ocean back in the day. The game has a Robocop feel to it and one of the machines that you must take out looks a little bit like an ED-209. The action moves along at a nice pace and the levels are of decent size. And your reward for advancing through the various levels is so that you can take on Frank Slayer, the Godfather of the mafia. This game is great and whether you download the free .TAP version or buy the physical copy, check this out.

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