Mickey Mouse


This was an early Disney tie-in game for their most famous rodent. Mickey is now under your control. At its heart, this is a platform type game. The story set-up is, an Ogre King and his minions have taken over Disney Castle, it is now down to Mickey to take it back. Mickey is armed with two different types of weapons (a water pistol and a large hammer). These need replenishing on a regular basis in the game.

Starting off on a sequence of platforms, you have to climb (using the ladders) your way to the top. All the while either avoiding the Ogre King's minions or taking them out. There are doors on some of the platforms, go through these and a mini-game begins. These can take various different forms(e.g. a maze with the enemies in and multiple exits, or a game where Mickey has to destroy some bubbles). Some of the doors are locked, so look out for dropped keys. The final battle is with the Ogre King himself. The graphics are pretty well defined, but compared to the other 8 bit conversions of the game (the Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions), they do look a bit bland. The music is pretty good, “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” is the game's theme tune (in a nod to Mickey's appearance in “Fantasia”), the sound effects are okay. Sadly however, the gameplay feels a little simplistic. Even the mini-games don't really add much. One for die-hard Disney fans only.


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