Myth : History in the Making


Another late game for the C64. There is a cartridge version of this game available as well. It is an arcade platform type game. Don't confuse it with a text adventure with the similar name! You take control of a warrior on a quest to defeat the evil Daemon. Work your way through the five mythological levels(Ancient Greece, Norse, Celtic, Egypt and a final shoot 'em up style one).

Hack and slash your way through the levels(you start off with just your feet and fists though, but as the game progresses you get more weapons). There are some puzzles along the way(e.g. using one of Medusa's heads to defeat her) as well as the ancient gods to battle(e.g. Medusa as mentioned for the Ancient Greek level, Thor and Odin for the Norse one, etc.). Visually the game is quite impressive, only really the scrolling can sometimes appear a little bit sluggish. The sound is of a high quality as well – there is some speech and it is very good. The gameplay is engaging and the large levels mean you have a challenge on your hands. Some of the jumps in the game do require good precision – be patient with it. I wouldn't say that this game could match “First Samurai”, but it comes very close.

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