B.C. Kid


A conversion of the PC Engine game Bonk, BC Kid is a simple platform affair where you play as the titular kid back in the time of cartoon dinosaurs and prehistoric flora and fauna. You have besides left and right you can jump and attack with what we in the UK call the Glasgow Kiss, i.e. a headbutt.

 Combine a jump with a headbutt for the more devastating head dive on an enemy to kill them in one go. As is common with platformers you have to make your way through various landscapes using the scenery at times to gain access to other areas or release extra energy or lives. The volcanic landscapes are dangerous too, with lava filled pools and fireball spitting volcanoes to contend with. You can collect power ups from eating certain foods, which will give you immunity from being hit, or a speed boost. Add in the odd puzzle to solve to move on and the game isn't half bad. Graphically BC Kid is only really average with the characters and backgrounds nothing to shout about, but it has some nice jolly tunes to spur you on as you tackle the landscape and enemies. It won't out platform Sonic or Mario but it's a fun game to while away a little time.

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