The Chaos Engine


Perhaps the best game that the Bitmap Brothers ever made? Well, in my opinion, yes. What they created here was a top down ‘run-and-gun’ type game that also got adapted to the AGA machines later on. You took control of one of a handful of colourful characters (mercenary, navvy, thug, preacher, gentleman and brigand), each one has their own special abilities.

The game can be played by one or two players and rather uniquely, in one player mode, the computer controls the second character. The game has lots of levels and the steam punk atmosphere adds even more to its charm. As usual for a Bitmap Brothers game the soundtrack features some great tunes. The game also featured the ubiquitous ‘shop’, as seen in so many other Bitmap Brothers games. In the Chaos Engine it seems to be integrated better though, you can for example, modify your character’s health and stamina. The action is slow paced and more methodical than other games of its type and with the shop and RPG elements, The Chaos Engine, comes out as one of the best games ever produced for the Amiga.

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