Dynamite Dux


A quirky little Sega arcade conversion here, I suppose you could call it a sideways scrolling beat ‘em up with ducks. Curiously, the ducks looked more like woodpeckers! This game really finds its forté with two players, then the fun and mayhem really begins.

Squabbles over food and weapons come to the fore. There are six stages to battle your way through, lots of cutesy enemies and some end of level guardians, which whilst cute, are a bit more deadly. The graphics are colourful and cutely rendered and the music soundtrack is lovely and jaunty. Perhaps the scrolling is a little sluggish, but it it’s certainly manageable. More annoying is attacking an enemy at a diagonal angle, it’s so tricky to do and best avoided in my view. The stairs are sometimes tricky to navigate as well. There is lots of enjoyable fun to be had here and with a nice dash of humour as well.


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Author: katzkatz
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