Fire and Ice


Fire & Ice is one of those cutesy Platform games which has cutesy background music which can make you feel a little ill. Set across various parts of the world you play as Cool Coyote and jump and walk to make progress. The levels as well as being big, bold and cutesy are full of other creatures whose aim in life is to stop you by any means possible.

Starting in an icy land of Eskimos, penguins and sea lions all intent on bringing about your icy demise, you have to quite literally ice your enemies, freezing them by firing icy balls and then walking into them to shatter them. Meanwhile you take Cool Coyote on a pretty standard platform adventure jumping on platforms, over large gaps and avoiding the many traps. Collect all the parts of the key and unlock the doorway at the end of a level to go onto the next. After a few cold levels, the ice gives way to a medieval castle inhabited by archers, and little men armed with shields making killing them a little harder. Having crossed a moat by jumping a row of crocodiles as they try to eat you the difficulty ramped up way high again and time ran out to carry on playing, but there are plenty more lands to jump and run through. The levels seemed to start off very difficult but then had a lull becoming almost too easy before going back to extremely difficult to pass again. I prefer to see a nice progression to difficulty as you get better at the game. It almost made me give up getting past the very first level, but then whizzed through the next few. Fire and Ice is a little addictive but it wouldn't make my top 10 platform games from the past due to its cuteness and random difficulty settings.

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