First Samurai


First Samurai is an action adventure platformer (think things like Gods and Myth) from Vivid Image and one of the best examples of that type of game. In the game you play a samurai on the revenge trail of the Demon King, who kills your master in the dramatic opening introduction.

Set across 10 different levels (one of which features three-way parallax scrolling) you start off with just your bare feet and fists. Then after battling several enemy creatures along the way (of which there are many different types) you built up enough magical power to get a sword, this is where the fun really begins. Along the way there are a few additional weapons as well (daggers, axes, etc), which you normally throw at your enemies. Each level requires you to collect some magical items to complete a puzzle of some sort (e.g. the first level required logs to complete a bridge) then you to took on the end of level baddie. The levels are quite varied; 4 were set in Feudal Japan, 1 on a bullet train and the remaining 5 in the present day Japan. There are a few puzzles along the way too but nothing too taxing. The gameplay mechanics just seemed to have been so well thought out. The graphics and sound are both top-notch as well here. Now remember everyone: “Oh no! My sword!”

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