Golden Axe


This is the classic Sega arcade game converted to the Amiga. Apparently, someone called Death Adder has captured the King and Princess of Yuria. He has also taken hold of the “Golden Axe” (hence the title) and has threatened to destroy it, unless the people of Yuria accept him as their leader. You and a second player (if you want) have to take him on.

There are 3 different types of characters to chose: an axe welding dwarf, a broadsword welding barbarian and a long-sword welding amazon. Lots of varied enemies abound along the way. One of the game’s novelties is that you can equip yourself with a dragon to use as a sort of medieval tank. Just knock off a “dragon rider” then carefully climb aboard the resting dragon. It did take some skill to do that, but it added a powerful weapon to your arsenal, breathing fire and tail swiping your enemies along the way. Another enemy to contend with is the giants, these beasts are massive and pack a lethal punch. Not only that but lots of enemy elves come and fight you - just to keep you busy! If you’re lucky, you could pick up a magic potion bottle from them, then use that as a kind of smart bomb. The final enemy is Death Adder himself, unlike in the Sega Megadrive and PC versions where it was his mentor Death Bringer. The graphics are quite good, perhaps they look a little washed out compared to the Megadrive version though. The scrolling is fine, only the pseudo 3D effect on the backgrounds of some levels affect you, especially when you have to jump, it becomes difficult. The music and sound effects are well implemented in the game too. It is very enjoyable with two players but a quite short game. Not that this is a fault of this version, the arcade version is short as well and this does go against it. The controls feel like a lot of random button bashing as well, trying to compress the arcade controls into a one fire button system was always going to work out that way. A decent enough arcade conversion, which whilst fun, doesn’t have that much of a replay factor to it.

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