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The so called story of Rainbow Islands II or Bubble Bobble III, Bub and Bob are back and they have brought brollies! This conversion is brightly coloured (as you would sort of expect) and goes back to the old gameplay mechanic of one screen rather than a scrolling one.

This brings back the old magic of co-operative play, like in the first game Bubble Bobble. There are the usual power-ups along the way (the running shoes made a comeback) along with many levels, which are split across worlds. The end of each world has a big boss to take down as well. The gameplay owes more to Bubble Bobble than Rainbow Islands and the “brolly control” (if you call it that) adds a unique spin (no pun intended!) to the game. You can either hit your enemies with it or save up some sort of drip from the surrounding area (lightning, water, etc) and use that by throwing it at them. The lack of a two fire buttoned control system might have had made it a bit more clunky than other versions but it still works well enough. Perhaps it doesn’t measure up to both of the former games in the series but it’s still a worthy sequel in the gaming saga.

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