Super Frog


An interesting animated intro gives the back-story to this cutesy little platformer and sets the scene for your journey to save the princess from the wicked witch. You are a prince turned into a frog who has super powers (sort of). Your task is to navigate the varied worlds by jumping onto platforms, over obstacles and pits and avoiding the other deadly animals and insects as well as the odd little pebble shaped things with eyes along the way.

Hedgehogs can take away your life, as can the bees which hang around waiting for you to jump and be stung and a myriad of other harmless looking creatures. You also collect bonuses along the way such as objects to throw to dispense with the pesky animals which have it in for you, and bottles of Lucozade (yep it has an energy drink tie in) which boost your life energy back up. Falling down onto spikes in a pit kills you and each hit from the other enemy beasties takes away energy until you lose a life. You'll also find trampolines, and spring pads as you progress to help you reach the higher platforms and collect other power ups and bonuses. Graphics are cute and colourful, gameplay is simple to master and as a platformer there isn't too much thinking to do to enjoy this game. Certainly one worth visiting if you like the original Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog games of this era.

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