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Super Stardust on the Commodore Amiga is basically a rehash of Asteroids, but with much better graphics and sound available it has been improved in both departments. Having all the extras on the Amiga over the original hardware means the backdrops have actually been added, giving you some nice eye candy if you have the time to look at that.

Before you do look at the background though, you will notice the detailed ship you now pilot, still basically a triangular shape but now coloured and detailed with extra depth. The rocks that come at you look like rocks, and break up into smaller rocklike bits when you shoot them. But shoot quickly as another addition over the original game is a countdown timer which when it reaches zero means all hell is about to come at you. The space rocks now become enemy space ships, the more and bigger rocks remaining at the zero point, the more ships will be coming at you with guns blazing. You still have your thrusters to manoeuvre your ship out of the way (which can still leave you trying to overcome the inertia to stop before getting in harms way elsewhere) and you have a shield. Your shield power runs down as you use it, so use sparingly. Each time you take a hit your power bar drops until you lose a life, so keep an eye on that bar too. So Super Stardust for the Amiga takes the rotate and shoot we know and love from Asteroids and adds bells and whistles. It has lost little in gameplay terms and gained in the sound and graphics stakes, always a good thing.

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