The Power


This is a rather overlooked little puzzle game where you play as Max (a little blob), who must rescue his girlfriend Mini. You have to navigate your way around various mazes moving blocks of different colours around to destroy them, there is a special sequence to do this, as well as other puzzles and it certainly helps to tax your brain.

The game can be played in several different modes and with two players as well, which includes a special “knockout” mode where you have to go head-to-head to complete the level. There are about 100 levels in all and you can add more with the level editor. It starts off sedate enough but quickly progresses in difficulty. The graphics are functional but have that nice “cutesy” feel to them (hey, Max was a blob in love after all!). The music features “The Power” (with a nod to the title) by the old electro pop group Snap. There are enough puzzles and different gaming options here to keep you interested for a long time. Maybe it doesn’t have quite the panache of games like Lemmings, Klax or Tetris but it’s still a worthwhile puzzle game.

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