Midwinter is one of those games which is hard to categorise, I guess its best descibed as a shoot'em up - strategy - adventure game. Created by the late Mike Singleton of Lords of Midnight (Speccy & C64) fame. What strikes you first is the amazing graphics and sounds which utilises the Amiga's 16bit engine very well and I have to say still look and sound great even by todays standards. The aim of the game is to overthrow the evil General Masters and his merry band of men from you have captured Midwinter Island.

In order to achieve your mission your going to need lots of help, recruiting members of the island who range from normal civilians and solders upto a maximum of 32 team members, this is no easy task as these people are spread out over the island, some have axes to grind with each other and simply will not cooperate with one another, to even get to that point though you need to travel far and wide by us of ski's, buggy's, gliders and even cable cars, each mode of travel gives you varying but amazing visuals. Overall this is one of the best games on the Amiga and one everyone should own.


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