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Moon Lander is a homebrew game for the Vectrex that brings the classic Lunar Lander type game for the console. This game, however, improves upon the original concept. In Moon Lander you have to land your space module not on one but several types of moons. Each moon has its own unique challenge such as variations in gravity, wind (I guess some of these moons have atmospheres!), the size of the landing base, and orbiting satellites.

In addition, the amount of fuel available for your maneuvers varies. There is more than one ROM of this game out there because the ROM on my multi-cart has no sound, while the ROM on my VecMulti has very good sound clips. There is even a voice counting down as the game starts with no special hardware! Music plays at the beginning of each phase and when you end each landing and you have engine sounds as you try to land as well as some other sound cues that are helpful (e.g., there is a cue that lets you know you are the right speed for landing). Once you land, an animation shows your ship taking off to its next target. This is a nice touch and a “reward” in between moons. This game has a pause feature (by pressing 3) which opens a page that gives you additional details of the level you are playing. The control response is excellent: joystick or 4 for thrust and 1 and 2 for left/right movement. This is not an easy game but it is enjoyable and it does have an ending (which I have not yet reached!). You will not be bored by it.

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