In 1986, CRL released Pete Cooke’s Tau Ceti, a brilliant space adventure boasting superb shaded graphics that evoked an astonishing depth of gameplay rarely seen on the ZX Spectrum. Charged with bettering the iconic game, Cooke produced the goods and more with this sequel from 1987. After the events of the first game, Gal-Corp formed the Skimmer Academy, and playing a new recruit, the player selects from a variety of different missions with the ultimate aim to become a fully-fledged Skimmer pilot. Academy offered an amazing freedom; not only could you choose the different missions to fly, but the player’s skimmer could be totally customised and designed just how you wanted it. The different missions call for a range of tactics, and whilst generally it involves shooting at stuff, often a lot more subtlety is required as well as thoughtful consideration to the weapons you select before jetting off. The sheer size of Academy meant the game was a dreaded multi-loader for the 48k Spectrum – fortunately I had a 128k model by the time I played it – much less time sitting around drinking tea and much more time shooting!

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