Action Biker


It must have been one of the oddest licenses ever to pitch, yet budget label Mastertronic duly acquired the rights to the Clumsy Colin character who was busy falling over and riding his motorbike haphazardly in a series of KP Skips adverts during the mid-eighties.

Bolting on some bizarre story was obviously the first job for Mastertronic and it tells of the bungling biker having a dream in which he has to recover some essential items for his friend Marti so that he can get to the spaceport. I kid ye not. What this actually meant was biking around a colourful town, breaking and entering into houses to see if there were any of said required items inside. If there were…great. If not…ah. The problem with Action Biker was there was nothing to do other than ride around and look for the items, and it soon became very tiresome, even for £1.99. Apparently the Commodore 64 version is much better, but let’s be honest, it could hardly be worse…

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