Alchemist was one of the games that gave Imagine the great reputation they earned in the early life of the Speccy. It may not seem like much now, but back in 1983, this arcade adventure was streets ahead of most other games in terms of both playability and presentation.

You played the titular magical chemist and as per usual, there was an evil rival to be dispatched. Uniquely for the time, the Alchemist could transform into a huge eagle which was often necessary to progress through the screens. Via the collection of various ingredients and objects that your enemy had carelessly left strewn around his home, the Alchemist could create a powerful spell that had the power to destroy his nemesis once and for all. Alchemist was extremely well-presented for 1983 with huge colourful graphics and was a simple yet intriguing action-adventure that pre-dated the Magic Knight games by some years. Even better, some editions came in a lovely gold cassette and box. It always struck me as a shame that Imagine over expanded and got too far ahead of themselves when they should have concentrated on what they were obviously good at: making games.

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