Long before “survival horror” had become a video game genre all of its own, Argus Press released this game based on successful the S/F horror flick of 5 years earlier. The programmers’ task was no easy one; they had to a accurately replicate the tension and fear of the movie on the limited computers of the time, and they did a pretty damn fine job all things considered.

After the Alien hatches out of a random crew member (it had to be random, otherwise the player would always isolate Kane!), the player controls the crew in their efforts to track down and eliminate the nasty xenomorph. Each character boasts a unique personality that affects their actions as they become panicked, scared or downright catatonic (hello, Lambert). The general view is of a plan of the Nostromo with a small pic of the crewmember you are controlling and a portentous information bar that supplies helpful information. Using equipment and weapons, the aim is to trap the Alien and kill it, or escape from the Nostromo using the shuttle. Alien is a tough game with the eponymous creature almost impossible to capture. And should you mirror the movie’s ending, it awards you with a miserably low score which seems a trifle unfair. Despite this, it was a commendably brave attempt at producing a different type of movie adaptation which was nonetheless eclipsed by Electric Dreams’ Aliens a couple of years later.

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